San Francisco, CA
Current Date: Sunday February 19, 2017
Current Time: 05:35:13 PM PST

Current Conditions: San Francisco - San Francisco International Airport

Light rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.

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Temperature 57°F Comfort level 54°F
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Wind direction S Pressure 29.81in
Wind speed 14mph Humidity 74%
Visibility 10.0miles Dew point 49°F
Sunrise 06:54 AM Sunset 05:52 PM
Moonrise 01:30 AM Moonset 12:01 PM
Expanded 7 -Day Forecast  [Updated: Feb 19 2017 / 04:05 PM PST ]
Day   High temp Low Temp Wind/Dir Humidity Comfort level UV 24 hr. Precip. Total Chance of precip.
Mon Thunderstorms. Overcast. Mild. 64°F 58°F 22mph/S 87% 61°F Minimal 2.56" 99%
Tue Light rain. More clouds than sun. Cool. 61°F 57°F 16mph/W 65% 53°F Minimal 0.60" 98%
Wed Sprinkles. Overcast. Cool. 54°F 49°F 17mph/SW 69% 46°F Minimal 0.05" 70%
Thu a mixture of sun and clouds. Cool. 58°F 46°F 18mph/NW 47% 53°F Minimal   17%
Fri Light rain. Increasing cloudiness. Cool. 57°F 48°F 19mph/W 62% 51°F Minimal 0.10" 64%
Sat Rain. Overcast. Cool. 57°F 49°F 17mph/E 69% 50°F Minimal 1.75" 81%
Sun Sprinkles late. Overcast. Cool. 59°F 50°F 17mph/W 57% 50°F Minimal 0.30" 53%
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